Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Watercolor Wednesday - Watercolor 101 - The Ten Minute Card

Today I made a few cards with the most basic and simple watercolor technique.  If you are new to water coloring, this is a perfect card to make that will help you to understand how watercolor moves. It's the basic of the basics, so to speak.

Use watercolor paper for this technique.  I find it helpful to adhere the paper to my craft sheet using painter's tape.  (It removes easily and won't rip the paper when you are finished.  It also makes a nice border around your art piece but if you don't like the border, you can always cut it off with a paper cutter.) Liberally brush the paper with plain water before applying your watercolors.  This is a very important step which will allow the watercolors to move.

I used my Paper Layers tool to put an 1/8" border around the watercolor piece but as I look at it, I wish I had trimmed down the white border on the card first.

I adhered the finished panel to my card base and added a simple sentiment.  That's it!  Believe me, I wanted to add so much more but I left it alone - no sequins, flowers or ribbon - nothing - because that's what makes it a 10-minute card.

so lucky picture 

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