Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tutorial - Create a Beautiful Rose

I learned to make my roses from Dr. Sonia S V. As a design team member for the Simon Says Stamp's Monday challenges I see a lot of talent from our participants.  In one particular challenge, I was mesmerized by the roses on a project that was entered by Dr. Sonia. I scoped out her blog and came to find some of the most BEAUTIFUL handmade flowers I had ever seen.  My tutorial below is based on her tutorial with different tools but I suggest you see her tutorial. It is exquisite and you can find it here. My roses are no where near as beautiful as hers, but with more practice, I hope to get them to look just as incredible. 


Tutorial for making roses:

I used Tammy Tutterow Shabby Posies die set and cut 2 of the smallest size dies and 5 of the next size bigger.

I punch a hole in the center of both of the smallest size petals.

I use the end of a small paintbrush as my tool for forming the inner section of the rose. I put the paintbrush handle through the hole I punched in the center of the petals and wrap one petal at a time around the paintbrush making sure to glue each petal as I go along.

Here, you can see my petal forming as I wrap each petal around the handle.

I complete the center of the rose and continue to add more petals.

I remove the center of the rose that I just created from the paintbrush and add another die cut flower onto the handle.

I place the rose center I created over top of the die cut petal piece and continue wrapping the petals around the center of the flower continuing to build the rose.

Here, you can see the rose beginning to take shape after the second set of petals are wrapped around one another. This completes the center of the rose.

I now use the larger size die cuts for the outer petals of the rose. I shape the petals using a stylus and foam pad from the McGill flower shaping kit, using circular movements to break down the fibers of the paper and shape the petals.

Here is the shaped piece ready for the center of the rose.

I glue the rose center to the middle of the shaped petals.

I continue to add all the petals to the flower by gluing each set one under the other. I make sure to offset the petals as I glue them together.

Now that all the petals are glued together, I begin to shape the petals by using the tweezers that come in the flower shaping kit to bend the petals backwards. I continue shaping and bending until I'm happy with the way the rose looks.

I'm happy with the rose and make two more for my card.

These roses are perfect for cards, gift boxes and so many other projects. Practice, practice, practice and don't give up, trust me, you'll get the hang of it.

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  1. wow what a beauty and I am so thrilled I have inspired you and so sweet of you to link to me too!!!
    Dr Sonia


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