Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Enjoy Your Trip

It's been a long time dream to complete my intermediate Copic markers class.  Coloring as a child brought such joy to me and as an adult I find I still love the art.  Instead of using crayons and crayola markers I've advanced to Copic markers.  These are markers on a good way.  The capabilities are endless and while I'm still taking little baby steps with these markers, I hope that with hours and hours of practice I will be able to fine tune my skills.

This card was made for a dear niece of mine who is going on a summer long journey to Italy.  She's beautiful, intelligent and quite frankly, brave.  She's one of the bravest young ladies I know and has faced adversities that would make most of us crumble to the ground incapable of ever getting up again.  She's a hero to me and I wish her all the best that life can possibly offer.  I will be thinking of her while she's traveling through Italy and remember the wonderful time I had when I was there in my early 30's.  It's an amazingly beautiful country with so much richness, beauty and heritage but hey, I'm a little biased being that I'm Italian and was spoon fed story after story about this amazing place.

I used Tiddly Inks image "Gonna Miss You" after having found this image on a blog called "Ms Petunias", a beautiful blog by Carolyn LaBille.  I loved the colors she used and while I still need all the help I can get, I actually used the same colors, or nearly the same colors, as she did in coloring this image.  I know in time I will be brave enough to venture out on my own, choosing my own colors and putting them together but I hope that she doesn't mind that I completely hijacked her color scheme for this image.

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