Monday, August 26, 2013

Little Liliana

Liliana isn't just your ordinary little girl, she is a little girl that was dealt a difficult hand and at such a young age.  She was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia.  The good news is that she is in remission and all she wants for her 6th birthday is to get mail, and lots of it.  Her mother said she loves getting mail and became jealous after her brother began receiving a monthly magazine.  When the magazine came, her brother was filled with excitement and she wondered why she never received any mail.  Her mother Maria thought it would be wonderful for Lilana to receive birthday cards for her upcoming 6th birthday so she began telling everyone how happy it would make her daughter to receive birthday mail.  The word spread and she has received more than 50 birthday cards.

Lilana with her birthday mail.

I made this card for little Liliana to help her mark her special day and hopefully bring a big smile to her adorable face.  The birthday card I made is filled with cheerful colors and designs that I was sure Lilana would love.  After all, what little 6 year old girl doesn't love pink!  A doily flower in the cool green grass surrounded by 3D hearts is sure to make this little girl least that's my hope.

Happy Birthday, Liliana!!  And many, many more. :)

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